Who is Playful Pigeon Photography?

Honestly... it's all of 6 of us, though I'm the one always behind the camera. On a typical day you'll find us endlessly completing chores, going on an adventure or breaking out in a dance party.

On Tuesday's though, you'll always find us at the dinner table eating tacos. #tacotuesdayFTW

My name is Bekah Tabb and this is our...



Volleyball team.

Hand..er... heart-ful.

Married to my childhood best friend and mother of 4, I've always had a passion for details. From the time they entered this big world, my passion turned obsession. Life became a constant series of moments that I never wanted to forget. I want to share my obsession with you.  

The experience you'll get during a session will be exactly that. Moments locked in time and details you'll always get to remember. Specializing in Maternity, Lifestyle Newborn and Children photography, I love to capture the honesty of it all. There won't be posing because life isn't posed. It's organic and ever-moving. I aim to capture the moments that we all cherish and want to keep close to our hearts. Thank you for considering me to capture your family's everyday moments. 

"Life isn't about how many breaths you take, it's about the moments that take your breath away" -Unknown