A Texan 10 Birthday!

Oh man, there is so much to share! I'm so overwhelmed but it's all organized and ready to post. 


This kid. (He had a birthday a few weeks ago and I'm late posting it!) 

Words cannot express what I want to say. He's growing up so fast and it's all I can do to keep up with him. He's the first born which means everywhere he takes me on this growing up journey is my first experience as well. God has a humor and made him exactly like his father, which in the big picture is a blessing because his father is a phenomenal husband, friend, leader, lover, Dad and person. However, in the day to day it means that I have double the emotions to sort, double the feelings and need double the patience. If you know Josh or Aidan you know how emotional these boys are, you'd think I'd be a pro at it by now. Of course I wouldn't change it at all and I really do love that they are the same person. 
When it came time for his birthday this year he approached me with this idea. This silly, sweet, laughable idea. My heart swelled.
This boy wants to experience it all and he wants to embrace all the things. He lives for new experiences and other cultures. He's so curious and wants to learn it all. Of course that's all amplified now that we've moved to America. The place he was born but doesn't know. So it didn't surprise me when he asked for Texas style session. 

Here he is... in all his 10 years of growing. Texas embracing Aidan. You are an amazing little man, Beebs, you keep doing you! Never, never, be ashamed of who you are or how you feel. Always go on that adventure, always crave that new experience. 


Happy 1st decade Beebs! May the 2nd one bring us both cheer, adventures, patience for ourselves and love! 

Lots more coming in a few hours! (YES I will be catching up today! HAH! Even if it kills me! I have a business to open and memories to share) 
Thanks for all the love! 

Tabblet's first Build-A-Bear: Yes a 10 hour wait!

What do you get when you cross first experiences, an adventurous spirit and a REALLY good deal? 

A 13 hour day of which 10 hours were spent waiting in line for what may seem like a silly experience, but to us it was grand! 

When I saw that Build-A-Bear (further known as BAB) was having a "Pay your Age" event, I decided we had to do it. You see BAB is SPENDY! You gotta save allowance for like a year in order to be completely happy with your new bear. Having children multiplies that year of savings greatly. LOL
So what's spending a couple hours in line when I can save a large amount of money AND pair it with a #TabbletsDiscoverAmerica event? HAHAHA... the universe laughed. 
What ended up being quoted as a 4 hour wait from the mall entrance doors ended up being a 10 hour, eat your way through the mall while standing in line, make up silly stories, listen to all the tiny children screaming because they were done but their parents weren't, people watching extravaganza! 
The Tabblet's got to try many firsts! Like Auntie Annie's pretzels, which to their surprise were much better than they were expecting as they were bummed they weren't the Bavarian pretzels they were hoping for.
They tried Icee brand icees; to be noted not as good as the shopettes Yetis.
Rocky Mountain Cookies were a hit, we doubled up on them! 
Also note, that Chick-fil-a is still really good when you eat it after standing in line for 8 hours. 
Also x 2, since when are there Chick-fil-a's in malls? I was most appreciative! 
The rest of the time we played hand games, colored in some books a friend brought and well,  basically, just hung out.
Within the first couple hours questions started to arise...
"Why is everyone wanting to go to this store for a bear?"
"What's the point?"
"Why are we doing it?" 
"This is kind of stupid, Mom" 
I tried my hardest to not give it all away before we got to the doors but by hour 4 I had to give them the readers digest version. From that hour on they were way more interested and excited and it made waiting easier but so much harder due to the newly found anticipation.  
Of course the couple of hours seemed the longest but that's how it works in high anticipation situations. It's also the only time that we had tears. By this time, the store has been "closed" to the public for 7 hours AND there were still 150 families in front of us with only 2 hours left before the mall closed. For a little bit we had worried tears that we wouldn't make it. Those moved into "I don't see the bear I wanted anymore" tears which then turned into "I'm so excited we are going to make it" tears. 

In the end, my wallet was very happy with the savings but more importantly my kids had an experience they'll never forget. #TabbletsDiscoverAmerica got some very good results. A lot of families got mad at the company and we saw a ton of families fighting and overwhelmed moms screaming which was pretty sad but I'm glad we took the whole day as we do a PCS move, " It is what you make it" and we had fun and enjoyed the entirety of the day. 

Here's a snapshot of their experience! 

What's been going on: Project 52!

The last 6 weeks have been a whirlwind! 
Preschool graduations, lots of "see you laters", hotels-hotels-hotels, cross atlantic flights, whew. It makes me tired just remembering all of it. 
I did get a memory every week though :)

{19} of 52: Proud

Our little Italian. Just look at that rotten face. This was the day she got her diploma. All the 5 year olds celebrated their promotion to elementary school. Now of course her classmates will proceed into Prima (Italian first grade) as there is no kindergarten in Italy, but Imogen will be headed to the elementary this year too. You can just see how proud she is and we are so very proud of her.


{20} of 52: Laughter

Water balloon fight + water hose + friendship = Laughter
Music to my soul. 


{21} of 52: Perspective

We so quickly forget what it's like to be a child. When days were spent playing tag, Hide and seek and pretending to be cats who ran away from home. The days when we felt so big when we ordered for ourselves and even better when we could finally reach the top of the counter. Their eyes see everything so much bigger than us adults do. They know no harm, they breathe innocence. 
Having to live in a different place for a long amount of time also changes your perspective. We live life so much simpler than we once did when we lived in America. I remember when I took this picture a few weeks ago, all I wanted to do was live that moment for just a few minutes longer. I wanted to hold onto the perspective I had. It was on the brink of one of the biggest moves we'll ever have and I didn't want my mind to see anything else than what it had at that moment. To have a child's perspective of life and not see any of the bad, fast, demanding needs of the move and what it had in store for us. So much anxiety, fear and anticipation. I held on to just being completely enthralled that I ordered my own gelato treat and could get it from the counter myself. 


{22} of 52: Negative Space

This was the week we had absolutely nothing but our lovies by our side. The movers had made the last pickup of what was left in our home. (a super small shipment that gets flown rather than the big one that goes by boat) There was so much open space in our little world it seemed daunting. Thank goodness for the lovies we kept by our sides, it made all that negative space seem just a little smaller :)  


{23} of 52: Adventure

... and they're off! Taking their next adventure by the horns and riding like pros. Lots of emotions flowing and anticipations ever growing. These 4 have never backed down from a great adventure laid before them. 


Most of you have followed us on FB and have seen many of the things we have experienced this past week. We have officially survived our first week being back in America. We have experienced many firsts and a few not agains! haha. I have lots of those great moments in camera and they are coming soon. We move into our new "home" next week and there I will be able to get back to regular postings. Until then don't forget about #TabbletsDiscoverAmerica
Talk to you soon! 

L'Ultima Vacanze in Europa! Croatia baby!

Last weekend we piled up into Ruby (our big ol babe of a SUV) and drove the mere 4 hours to Medulin, Croatia. It's just south of Pula, in the state of Istria. It was our last hurrah here in Italy before we board the plane in 3 weeks. We were all super excited to get to the beach for the first time this year. 

Let me tell you, it was GLORIOUS! If you ever get the chance to go to Croatia, DO IT! No 2nd thoughts! 
Friday night we ate the best seafood we ever had and walked the beach at sunset. Saturday we spent the majority of the day at sea. We sailed to the southern most point of Istria, rounded the lighthouse there and then stopped briefly to swim in caves and cliff dive. We only anchored for 20 mins so Josh was able to check off "cliff diving" while the kids and I cheered him on from the boat, after that we spent a few hours at Ceja Island before heading back to mainland. 
Once back to our "villa on the beach" (think trailer house in campground) the kids and I went down to the beach for pictures while my fabulous husband made us dinner and brought it down to us for dinner on the beach! Yes... he's incredible. We all played until it was dark and then headed into town for a after dinner snack and a tattoo for both Josh and I (haha. Had to!) 
Sunday morning we packed up and headed out. I kept seeing these dark red poppy fields so Josh dropped me off on the side of the highway (no stopping no standing!) and I scaled the guardrail, slid down the embankment, was warned by a rattlesnake and only got a few images. BUT SO WORTH IT!  They were so much darker than those here in Italy, I had to get a picture. I loved the little white flowers mixed in with them.
With it being Mother's day, we took a different route back and spent the day in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was a great day exploring the city and I left my camera behind to enjoy my family. 

We will miss the way of life in Europe and we hope to return, but until then we will treasure these memories. 

Let's Catch up: Parte Terza

Burano, Venezia, Italia

Oh B, how I love you. Just a tiny little island known for your gorgeous lace and popping colored buildings. You make my heart sing. I will always hold a special place for you in my heart, apart from the rest of Venice. Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of lace, even the coveted Italian lace, but you captured me by your colors and way of life.  

Here are a few of my favorites from Mae and I's adventure there during her spring break! 

Coming soon: L'Ultimo vacanze in Europa, Croatia! 
And stay tuned because you don't want to miss #TabbletsDiscoverAmerica

Buona giornata! 

Part Deux: Let's catch up!

Do you ever stop and smell the flowers? 

You see I'm not much of a flower loving girl. You won't find a vase of fresh flowers from the market every week positioned so elegantly about my house. My husband knows not to bring flowers home, I'm much happier spoiled with ice cream and iTunes, hehe. 
That being said, flower fields, I LURVE them. Rows and rows of bright colored gorgeous free living flowers! I finally got the kids to explore a field of Rapeseed. They aren't as prominent here as they are in Germany but there are still a lot that bloom here. It's part of the reason I fell so in love with Bavaria. The yellow blankets across the lush green! I was happy to see that Italy has them as well. 
Here's a bit from our adventure:



I was super bummed that the poppy fields didn't bloom as strongly last year as they did in 2016. (I had a spectacular sister session with the girls that year in their sun hats) 
So when I saw them coming in this year I got super excited. They don't last long once bloomed, 10 days or so, and since we've been so busy lately I kept finding myself running out of daylight each day. So we made an impromptu stop one late afternoon and just snapped a few. It wasn't the fantastic field like we got 2 years ago but I'm glad I got them and look forward to getting them added to the collection. 
(side note: seems someone has just recently spotted a huge field that's very dense so we might just go back out if I find the time!) 
But if not, I have these beauties: 

Smell ya later!

Let's catch up!

Long time no post, eh? 
It has been a nut house around here and due to this fast approaching PCS move, I'm not anticipating it to slow down until at least July. That being said, with this post I'll be caught up and back on track :-) 
I'm proud of myself staying with my weekly every week! Though, I have to tell you, I stopped doing the self portraits. Ugh. They were kicking my butt... and let's be honest, ain't no time for that during a PCS year. I'm happier not having the stress/anxiety of doing them and we all know "sane mama = Happy family". So I'm not too bummed about it. 

Anyway, lots of news, lots of places and lots of things to be caught up on. I'll get onto most of it in this weeks posts, but for now... P52 :-)

{11} of 52: Spring

After a slow, cold, rainy start Spring finally arrived in Bella Italia and these sweet cherry blossom twigs are proof! 



{12} of 52: Fragile

I don't think there needs to be an explanation for this one... except for maybe why he's giggling? That was his response when I asked him "Hey Aidan, what happened to your hand again?" and he replied... 
"Break dancing" 
... this kid. 

{13} of 52: Still Life

Burano, Venezia, Italia

To keep myself challenged, some of this year's project has more technical prompts. Also to keep me from just taking pictures of the Tabblets. HAH! 
My favorite part of Venice is one of its islands, Burano.
Burano is a tiny little island where every house is a different, brightly painted, color then the one sitting next to it. It's GORGEOUS to say the least. My last trip there was this particular project week and it will have it's own post, I promise! Be on the look out! 


{14} of 52: Travel

When your dream is to travel, your feet will surely take you there. 
My niece's newest tattoo was obtained during her visit to see us. Sogno in Italian means "I dream" One of her dreams is to travel and she is already getting her boots a'traveling! Go Girl! 


{15} of 52: Simplicity

Need a giggle or two? A face breaking smile? Want to brighten your day? 
All you need is a swing. 


{16} of 52: Together

Together they fly in the breeze that takes them to new adventures, new lands, and new friends.
April is month of the military child.  

The official flower of the military child is the dandelion. Why? The plant puts down roots almost anywhere, and it’s almost impossible to destroy. It’s an unpretentious plant, yet good looking. It’s a survivor in a broad range of climates. Military children bloom everywhere the winds carry them. They are hardy and upright. Their roots are strong, cultivated deeply in the culture of the military, planted swiftly and surely. They’re ready to fly in the breezes that take them to new adventures, new lands, and new friends.
— Author Unknown

{17} of 52: Moving

Many times in this {Military} life of ours, our whole livelihood is broken down and solely dependent on these stickers. Any military wife knows these simple stickers carry deep emotions. They bring with them new beginnings, closing chapters, hope, anxiety and prayers...
lots of prayers.  
Our house is officially empty. This chapter is on it's last pages. Emotions can not be explained or organized. New beginnings await. Less than 35 days and the  #TabbletsDiscoverAmerica begins. 
(oh yes, more on this soon!) 


{18} of 52: Joy

Silly, smart and sweet. She is and emits pure, honest, joy. 
In fact, she's my Pride and {Teagan} Joy! 


That's a wrap for today, guys! 
As always, thank you for your support! 
Stay tuned! 

Let's catch up, to be con't. 

Week 10 of P52

Remember that one time when I said it rains a lot in Italy during winter/spring? 
what else are you supposed to do but go out and play in it?
I even took our single umbrella out of it's sheath! HAH! 

{10} of 52: Rain. 
We look forward to all our adventures rain or shine. 

Y'all knew this image was coming. 
I'm a memory hoarder. 
A moment freezer. 
I'm passionate about all the details that normally are forgotten. 
I'm fun and happy behind the camera because of my passion for life and all it has to offer. 
I am a photographer. 

{10} of 52 Reflections: 

Extra Special

You know I have yet to have a child develop "Photographer's child syndrome", as I say while knocking on wood. They each really enjoy being in front of my camera posing or living or smiling or frowning. So when I have a particular image in mind it's mostly a blessing. However many times it ends up just like your visit to Target. You enter with one thing in mind and you leave with a cartful. 

My one image: a genuine smile. 
End result: 

I actually heard the words "Don't stop, Mom, look how fabulous I can be! Make sure to take a picture so you won't forget" 
::I die::
This boy. He kills me. 
Just like his father in every. single. way. 
(Yes Josh has told me to take a picture of how fabulous he is!) 
Stunner shades. Beanie. StarWars pajamas and the ridiculous shoes I can't make myself make him get rid of. 
The boy is quite fabulous, if I don't say so myself, indeed. 


Week 9: a fabulous week of plague

WHEW! I survived. We all survived. It was a very very long week for us Tabbs over here. That's the thing about virus' they go from host to host with no mercy. Teagan fell first, then Killian and the Imogen... and on. Just when one was on the mend, the next would start the process all over again. I was the last player in its game, unfortunately, and the kids then had to be super helpers as I was down for the count! GAH! Longest 96 hours, ever. 

While we were stuck indoors we were getting snow outside and we missed it! I was so bummed but then today the sun came out and it seemed even brighter and more beautiful outside then it normally is. I think because not only of the storms we had before but also because we had our own storm within our house. The photographer in me rejoiced. 

{9} of 52: Smile
For we smiled so fully when we felt the sun after a week of storms.  

Okay folks. This is real life.  You know about my long week... this is my recovery. You need a break from the sickness and then you need a break from the recovery. This is us, rather, me.  Laying on the floor, in my husband's sweatshirt because I REALLY miss him. I'm taking a break amongst LOADS of laundry (You don't see the additional piles that go into that room to the side) that lead up to dirty floors, stuff thrown everywhere and finally to a kitchen that is atrocious. We did nothing but merely survive the last 5 days and that's okay. It's also okay to lay on the cool floor for a few minutes to breath between sorting vomit soaked pj's, scraping half ate meals off of plates and scrubbing those virus infested toilets because being a mom comes with that territory. Because it's about taking care of yourself too. Over everything I'm happy to have had the ability to take care of us and that, being a mother,  I wouldn't change that for all the world. 

{9} of 52 reflections: 

Hoping for a better week. XXOO

Projects (W8) and Puddles!

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

The rain brings a sense of new beginnings or a cleansing of the present, doesn't it.
The air, just after it's rained when the sun comes back out, can be so refreshing. The rain itself though pulls you inward though, you tend to stay in your head and a lot of thinking is done. Rainy days we tend to want to spend cuddled in blankets with many warm cups of tea or coffee and perhaps catch up on some reading or binge the newest show. The rain brings reflection. 

In the literal sense, here you see our Tabblets playing, being silly and having fun.  However, in the figurative sense it's them too. Enjoying the moment, making the best of the situations laid out before them, claiming their own happiness. You see, we are in the first few days of Josh being away. Let me tell you, the first few days are the worst. Routines are off, attitudes are bad, roller coaster of emotions and a struggle to find a mend. On this day,  they asked if we could "do something different" so that they didn't have to just hang out and wait for daddy to not come home. Something fun to help them not miss him so much. 
::grasps at heart strings:: 
In this reflection, my heart sings, for they are resilient and joyful little souls. 

{8} of 52: Reflection


Speaking about the rain and all it's new beginnings and cleansing properties, can we all agree that gelato (or any ice cream for that matter) is the healer of all healers?
The fixer of all moods.
The change of heart. 
The peacemaker. 
The enjoyment deliverer. 

As far back as I can remember, ice cream has always been the ultimate healer. Smashed fingers? Ice cream. Broken heart? Ice cream. A case of the Monday's? Ice Cream. An outstanding fabulous day? Celebrate with Ice Cream!  Obviously everything in moderation but there will always be room for ice cream. 

And of course I have to share that with my babies. :)

{8} of 52 refections: 

Pictured above: Panna Cotta Caramello. Cream gelato with salted caramel.
Absolutely fabulous gelato.

Now in other news...

Italy's winter tends to be 1% snow, 19% sun and 320% rain. 


We do our best to combat the cabin fever and get out when we can. The bright side of rain? 


We don't have rain boots or rain jackets. Our ONE umbrella still has the protective sleeve on it. Never has the phrase "but my hair is going to get wet!!!" been said in our house. It's just water you know? Now I'm not saying we embrace the rain but we do tend to not have an opinion on the matter. Non of us are sweet enough to melt anyway. Those puddles though. They are SO fun to play in. 

Love ya'll! :)

W7 of 52: Personal Projects

Long weekends sure are wonderful! I love being able to get a couple of days with my loved ones all to myself. However in a blink of an eye, it's gone and we are back to life as normal. 
This past week was the week of LOVE. Valentine's Day.  Normally we don't participate in this crazy Hallmark made holiday. Both myself and my husband do very well at showing appreciation and love for each other throughout the year so it's just another day in our world. 
That being said, this year, the lovely man took it upon himself to surprise us all. For it takes a lot of dedication and love to wake up 2 hours before you normally get up for work (that's a wake up of 2:30am!) to decorate the house so that it'd be ready for everyone's wake up a few hours later. Needless to say the 5 of us were very surprised and felt very loved that Wednesday morning. 

{7} of 52: LOVE (a whole lot of it by way of surprise

{7} of 52 Self Reflections: 

4 children + 1 Mother's heart = a beautiful disaster
Being a mother came instantly and easily for me.  I was blessed to be able to enjoy each pregnancy and always looked forward to their births. As each one entered this world my heart beat even harder for the treasures it was given. 
It's been both hard and exciting watching them grow up. Josh and I are confident in our parenting and while we admit we don't have all the answers, it works for us and our family. 
I love learning who each child is within their mind, body and heart.
Some days are hard! Some days I have to crack down and follow through on discipline that I wished I didn't have to do but I refuse to raise entitled little brats who when become adults are self-centered, rude, inconsiderate people. 
However most days are fantastic, most days are filled with happiness, joy and kisses and loves. To the whole world they are just 4 ordinary children (we don't play into them being any better than anyone else) however to us, each one of them offer a dynamic level to our family.
They are respectful. They are kind. They listen and take direction. They are empathetic.
They play hard. They love harder.  
I am happy, proud and blessed beyond words to be their center.   


W6 of 52: Personal Projects

It's Shrove Tuesday, Mardi gras or here in Italy, Carnevale Day!
(and I'm a few days late from posting this last week!)
Last weekend, our little town of Caldogno put on their Carnevale Celebration. You know I had to get it all on camera. 
It's our favorite parade even with the 1/2 inch of confetti left on our porch! HAHA! I love how the whole town comes together, whether you have built a parading float or you are part of the crowd dressed up walking along with them. Everyone wins in the parade :-)
We live on the parade's route we get a front row view every year and all the confetti! HAH.  

{6} of 52: Celebrate (in 2 images) 

{6} of 52 Reflections: A project for myself to get more of me in front of the lens.

Front cameras on smartphones make selfies so easy these days and while that's fantastic for quick snaps of your current status and perfect for a fun album. It's fantastic to have friends, even lots of them. Everyone, though, has a best or two.  That's when you need to stop and feel. Go deeper then skin and selfie smiles. Reach into your heart and soul and treasure what you have. This is me with my relationships, I invest so much more than my smiles. My bests are few and far between but when I find one, I never let go. You have me through thick and thin, unbiased, unconditionally LOVE.  Not distance nor war are concerning, our hearts are connected. So when someone loves me back the same, it's everything to me. 

Thank you to those who know I'm talking about you. You're part of my cherished few and my life will never be without you. Thank you for giving me a friendship of a lifetime, our journey is my world.  I truly love you. 

This week (w7) is all about LOVE, so stay tuned in a couple of days! 

Week 5 of #tabbfamweekly2018

If you saw my last post you read that Carnevale is in full effect here in Italy. Last week Imogen's scuola had their "feste di Carnevale" to celebrate. All the kids were in full costumes and they even had a clown come to entertain. So much fun!

In true Imogen nature, she was set in stone about what she wanted to wear. The girl is to pigs as her sister is to cats. Did you know that when she grows up she is getting a pink fluffy pig and will name it Pancake? It's going to sleep with her and she will feed it slop! 

{5} of 52: Tickle (as in tickled pink) 

At drop off, wearing her pig onesie! OINK! 


{5} of Weekly Me:
{5} of Bekah who?: 
{5} of what am I doing!
I'm a wanderer, a vagabond, a nomad.
(This side of my weekly images project is still a work in progress. I have this idea of what I want it to be but it hasn't yet fully formed. It is close though!) 

Ever since I was a wee little lady, I've never lived in one place for very long. Many would find that to be rough or annoying, for me though, it fed my want for adventure. I remember each time we relocated I was excited and could only think of what the neighborhood was like, what kind of house we'd live in, how I could change my room, what halls I would walk in the new school, ect. It carried with me once I was out on my own too. I was constantly thinking about a new place to live, what new restaurants would be in my neighborhood and where I could explore on those nights I needed to "just drive." Josh joining the military was a blessing to this trait. A guaranteed move every 2-3 years to a place I've never lived before?!
(I lived in Colorado my whole life until I was 25, so not that hard to take me somewhere new)  
My inner nomad jumped for joy! 
So here I am, embracing new countries, new cultures, new environments and seeing, living and experiencing all the adventures I could ever desire. Never would I have guessed that my wandering would bring me this far. 

'Til next week! Ciao! 


Carnevale 2018, Venice

We headed down to Venice today to join the Carnevale celebrations. Carnevale lasts end of January to mid February. Josh and the kids didn't make the festivities last year, like I did, so of course we had to this year. 
It was the most beautiful February day!
Unfortunately, I didn't get as many shots of the costumes and people this year, (so happy I was able to get a bunch from last year) but due to the fabulous weather I was able to get in all my Venice images. How in the world I haven't been in Venice, with my camera; on a gorgeous day, in the last 3 years, boggles my mind, so today was extra special. 
From canals, bridges and boats; Costumes, masks and confetti parties; more canals and bridges. 
No other words are needed. 

My heart is full. <3 

Week 4 of #tabbfamweekly2018

Ciao a tutti! 

This week Teagan had a "DREAM concert" in her classroom. It consisted of the students sharing their dreams for this world, individually and as a whole, and then they sang a couple of songs. A revised version of "Imagine" by John Lennon and "God Bless The USA" both of which they did in sign language while singing. Her teacher was born into a silent home (both parents were deaf) so she teaches her classes sign language along with their regular studies.  
I didn't expect to be so moved by 18 sweet little 7/8 year olds but I found myself {unsuccessfully}  fighting back the tears during their last song, God Bless the USA. 
Not sure whether it was the song itself, the passion of these kids, seeing such passion and growth in my child or what, maybe a combination of all. So I couldn't help making this image this week's image. 

{4} of 52: Dream

"My dream for the world is... for the people will stop trashing the place and clean the place" ~Teagan Joy, age 8
Written on a dream cloud to send up to the sky. 


{4} of 52 of Who I Am: 

A girls' night lover. 
You know, time away from the daily stressors of housework, homework, needy children and, yes, even our fine men.
A few hours out, girls only, to indulge in girly things. Gossip, girly drinks, lipstick,  silly laughs and no stress can really rejuvenate the woman's mind and soul.  


Already have inspiration for next week! See you all then and as always thank you for your time and support! :)

Week 3 of #tabbfamweekly2018

With a blink of an eye, I find myself already into another week.
As our time here becomes shorter and shorter, the days are going faster.
Every day is a battle to savor, more than the day before. 

{3} of 52: Routine

We have become settled in our routine of taking our bottles to the fresh milk machine every few days. "Latte crudo" or raw milk is a favorite in this house of milk drinkers. I decided to document one of our trips, this is a favorite image from the collection. 


{3} of 52 of Who I am 

An eyeglass wearer. 
Up until fall of 2017 I lived in my contacts. 19 years of contact wearing. So it was a struggle for me to have to give them up and switch to glasses. Maybe one day I will get LASIK but until then all I can do is embrace them. 

See you in week 4! 
(yeah yeah... in a few days) 

Week 2 of #tabbfamweekly2018

{2} of 52: Memory

As Imogen exits the asilo she attends, I take these to memory:
Her smile from the enjoyment she's had that day.
The plastic bottle "topolino" (mouse) she made with great pride. 
The personalized hand towel dirty from all her hands-on learning the past week.
The shoes she's wearing on the wrong foot because no matter how hard we try she still doesn't care enough to pay attention because she's already on to what's next. 
The patterned, teal, long-sleeved shirt under a patterned short sleeve shirt because she's learned you don't go to scuola with less than that if it's under 70 degrees or Maestra will harp on you. 
But most of all, I take to memory my non-fearing, go getting, never stopping, italian speaking last born whom is growing up so much faster than the others. I suppose that's par for the course being the baby, but it's ever wearing on my heart. I'm both excited to see her grow yet still yearning for more time in her small years.
Therefore, I try to heal my heart with this memory. 


{2} of 52 of Who I am: 

an Italian coffee drinker. Cappuccino in the morning, cafe macchiato in the afternoon.  

At the end of the year, I don't just want 52 images, I want 52 images that make my heart skip, that evoke a feeling. My hope is that I can grow as a photographer and as a mother in doing so. 

Until next week! 

CampoMulo Fun!

As it randomly happened, our 6 years of Europe living has only given us ONE snow filled winter. (German winter 2012) Korea gave us snow however our littles were much too little appreciate it. 

Therefore it has become a tradition to go find the snow with the Freitag's. It will be a yearly tradition surely missed but we have strong hope that it will stay a tradition despite it having a few years between occurrences. 

The fantastic CampoMulo is our destination of choice. 
Tubs. Bobs. Sunshine and snow. 
Steep slopes and curvy sliding trails. 
Settled North of the gorgeous Asiago.

Most importantly though it creates memories with those we love. 

The oldest two, Piper (8) and Aidan (9) got to take out their own snowmobile this year! 

Now that we are warmed up, let the race begin! 

Zoom. Zoom. Zoom

The slopes were extra fast this year and it showed on all our faces! Jami, as she was walking away from her first run! 

Tony and Piper headed back up! Perfect day to spend extra time with daddy! 

Whenever. Wherever. Be Fabulous. 

Faster Daddy! Faster! 

When friendship turns into a sisterhood <3 

Most Fabulous. 

Up the lift we go! Down the hill we tub!

Sometimes you just need your daddy because you don't even know why you have tears

Perching {grumpy} Pigeon, waiting for her daddy to take her down the fast hill. 

She only wanted her daddy, hence the face, otherwise she was fine, don't worry :)

You've got a friend in me
You've got troubles, and I've got 'em too
There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you.
(Piper, Imogen, Aidan, Killian & Teagan) 

Girls just wanna have fun! 

Soul Sisters <3

3 peas in 1 pod. Love only sees the heart. It has no bounderies :)

The brother she never had. 

After lunch in Asiago, we headed back down the mountain. Spent the rest of the day at the Freitag's, including dinner and games. 

A weekend well spent and forever remembered. 

Mercantini di Natale Adventures

With this Christmas season being our last overseas (for awhile at least) we visited our favorite Christmas markets. Mercantino di Natale and Weinnachtsmarkt have been a very large part of our holidays the last 6 years so its hard to say "Goodbye for now" to this very loved tradition. 
There is nothing like fresh lebkuchen, brezen and a mug full of hot Glüwein/VinBrule during the holiday season. 
We will truly miss it. 

Here's evidence of my ever prevalent need to document our days. I hope you enjoy as much as we did! 


Mercantini di Natale- Verona 

Mercantini di Natale- Bolzano
This market is up in South Tirol, Italy... it's German Country on this side of the Italian border. It was so fun seeing all the road signs and city in German again. Germany is really where we've most felt at home.  

Mercantini di Natale- Merano
Just another 30 mins up the road from Bolzano is the often overlooked city of Merano. Boy, I am so happy that we took the chance to go! It was fully German (our waiter didn't even speak Italian! HAH!) and OH SO BEAUTIFUL! 

Lastly but certainly not least. 
The BEAUTIFUL city we call home, 
Mercantini di Natale- Vicenza
I will, we all will, miss this city so very much. We have become almost one with the culture, we are even bringing home a fluent Italian speaker. We will be back. We have to.