CampoMulo Fun!

As it randomly happened, our 6 years of Europe living has only given us ONE snow filled winter. (German winter 2012) Korea gave us snow however our littles were much too little appreciate it. 

Therefore it has become a tradition to go find the snow with the Freitag's. It will be a yearly tradition surely missed but we have strong hope that it will stay a tradition despite it having a few years between occurrences. 

The fantastic CampoMulo is our destination of choice. 
Tubs. Bobs. Sunshine and snow. 
Steep slopes and curvy sliding trails. 
Settled North of the gorgeous Asiago.

Most importantly though it creates memories with those we love. 

The oldest two, Piper (8) and Aidan (9) got to take out their own snowmobile this year! 

Now that we are warmed up, let the race begin! 

Zoom. Zoom. Zoom

The slopes were extra fast this year and it showed on all our faces! Jami, as she was walking away from her first run! 

Tony and Piper headed back up! Perfect day to spend extra time with daddy! 

Whenever. Wherever. Be Fabulous. 

Faster Daddy! Faster! 

When friendship turns into a sisterhood <3 

Most Fabulous. 

Up the lift we go! Down the hill we tub!

Sometimes you just need your daddy because you don't even know why you have tears

Perching {grumpy} Pigeon, waiting for her daddy to take her down the fast hill. 

She only wanted her daddy, hence the face, otherwise she was fine, don't worry :)

You've got a friend in me
You've got troubles, and I've got 'em too
There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you.
(Piper, Imogen, Aidan, Killian & Teagan) 

Girls just wanna have fun! 

Soul Sisters <3

3 peas in 1 pod. Love only sees the heart. It has no bounderies :)

The brother she never had. 

After lunch in Asiago, we headed back down the mountain. Spent the rest of the day at the Freitag's, including dinner and games. 

A weekend well spent and forever remembered.