Week 2 of #tabbfamweekly2018

{2} of 52: Memory

As Imogen exits the asilo she attends, I take these to memory:
Her smile from the enjoyment she's had that day.
The plastic bottle "topolino" (mouse) she made with great pride. 
The personalized hand towel dirty from all her hands-on learning the past week.
The shoes she's wearing on the wrong foot because no matter how hard we try she still doesn't care enough to pay attention because she's already on to what's next. 
The patterned, teal, long-sleeved shirt under a patterned short sleeve shirt because she's learned you don't go to scuola with less than that if it's under 70 degrees or Maestra will harp on you. 
But most of all, I take to memory my non-fearing, go getting, never stopping, italian speaking last born whom is growing up so much faster than the others. I suppose that's par for the course being the baby, but it's ever wearing on my heart. I'm both excited to see her grow yet still yearning for more time in her small years.
Therefore, I try to heal my heart with this memory. 


{2} of 52 of Who I am: 

an Italian coffee drinker. Cappuccino in the morning, cafe macchiato in the afternoon.  

At the end of the year, I don't just want 52 images, I want 52 images that make my heart skip, that evoke a feeling. My hope is that I can grow as a photographer and as a mother in doing so. 

Until next week!