Week 3 of #tabbfamweekly2018

With a blink of an eye, I find myself already into another week.
As our time here becomes shorter and shorter, the days are going faster.
Every day is a battle to savor, more than the day before. 

{3} of 52: Routine

We have become settled in our routine of taking our bottles to the fresh milk machine every few days. "Latte crudo" or raw milk is a favorite in this house of milk drinkers. I decided to document one of our trips, this is a favorite image from the collection. 


{3} of 52 of Who I am 

An eyeglass wearer. 
Up until fall of 2017 I lived in my contacts. 19 years of contact wearing. So it was a struggle for me to have to give them up and switch to glasses. Maybe one day I will get LASIK but until then all I can do is embrace them. 

See you in week 4! 
(yeah yeah... in a few days)