Week 4 of #tabbfamweekly2018

Ciao a tutti! 

This week Teagan had a "DREAM concert" in her classroom. It consisted of the students sharing their dreams for this world, individually and as a whole, and then they sang a couple of songs. A revised version of "Imagine" by John Lennon and "God Bless The USA" both of which they did in sign language while singing. Her teacher was born into a silent home (both parents were deaf) so she teaches her classes sign language along with their regular studies.  
I didn't expect to be so moved by 18 sweet little 7/8 year olds but I found myself {unsuccessfully}  fighting back the tears during their last song, God Bless the USA. 
Not sure whether it was the song itself, the passion of these kids, seeing such passion and growth in my child or what, maybe a combination of all. So I couldn't help making this image this week's image. 

{4} of 52: Dream

"My dream for the world is... for the people will stop trashing the place and clean the place" ~Teagan Joy, age 8
Written on a dream cloud to send up to the sky. 


{4} of 52 of Who I Am: 

A girls' night lover. 
You know, time away from the daily stressors of housework, homework, needy children and, yes, even our fine men.
A few hours out, girls only, to indulge in girly things. Gossip, girly drinks, lipstick,  silly laughs and no stress can really rejuvenate the woman's mind and soul.  


Already have inspiration for next week! See you all then and as always thank you for your time and support! :)