Welcome 2018!

Hi Everyone, 
Buon Anno! Happy New Year! 

So many things are approaching us this year, I don't even know where to start! 
Our last few months living overseas (it's been an incredible 8.5 years!) and a big move stateside to Texas, things are quite hectic around here! 
Though not too hectic to attempt a couple of photography projects. 
I'm anticipating 2018 being a slow year on the business side. I'm slowing things down here in Italy in preparation for the move in just a few months and to be able to see the last few things we can. In addition, I don't know how long it will take me to get up and running once we get settled in our new home. 
It'll be fun to document this year in other ways :)

The first project is a classic 52 week photo challenge! The My365 I attempted last year didn't last very long! Oi! However I really enjoyed the #dailydecember I did, though found myself behind. SO a P52 it is! 

{1} of 52: Out & About


The 2nd project I want to accomplish is another 52 week challenge but of a different variety. 
52 weeks of me. No, this is not going to be a bunch of duck-lipped selfies, haha, rather a challenge of me to stay within the frame. So whether it be my whole self or just my toes, like a "from where I stand" kind of challenge! 

Weekly view of me: 1 

Dance, even in a crowded parking lot. 

Dance, even in a crowded parking lot. 

I hope this year brings adventure and peace, Love and fortune.