Mercantini di Natale Adventures

With this Christmas season being our last overseas (for awhile at least) we visited our favorite Christmas markets. Mercantino di Natale and Weinnachtsmarkt have been a very large part of our holidays the last 6 years so its hard to say "Goodbye for now" to this very loved tradition. 
There is nothing like fresh lebkuchen, brezen and a mug full of hot Glüwein/VinBrule during the holiday season. 
We will truly miss it. 

Here's evidence of my ever prevalent need to document our days. I hope you enjoy as much as we did! 


Mercantini di Natale- Verona 

Mercantini di Natale- Bolzano
This market is up in South Tirol, Italy... it's German Country on this side of the Italian border. It was so fun seeing all the road signs and city in German again. Germany is really where we've most felt at home.  

Mercantini di Natale- Merano
Just another 30 mins up the road from Bolzano is the often overlooked city of Merano. Boy, I am so happy that we took the chance to go! It was fully German (our waiter didn't even speak Italian! HAH!) and OH SO BEAUTIFUL! 

Lastly but certainly not least. 
The BEAUTIFUL city we call home, 
Mercantini di Natale- Vicenza
I will, we all will, miss this city so very much. We have become almost one with the culture, we are even bringing home a fluent Italian speaker. We will be back. We have to.