W6 of 52: Personal Projects

It's Shrove Tuesday, Mardi gras or here in Italy, Carnevale Day!
(and I'm a few days late from posting this last week!)
Last weekend, our little town of Caldogno put on their Carnevale Celebration. You know I had to get it all on camera. 
It's our favorite parade even with the 1/2 inch of confetti left on our porch! HAHA! I love how the whole town comes together, whether you have built a parading float or you are part of the crowd dressed up walking along with them. Everyone wins in the parade :-)
We live on the parade's route we get a front row view every year and all the confetti! HAH.  

{6} of 52: Celebrate (in 2 images) 

{6} of 52 Reflections: A project for myself to get more of me in front of the lens.

Front cameras on smartphones make selfies so easy these days and while that's fantastic for quick snaps of your current status and perfect for a fun album. It's fantastic to have friends, even lots of them. Everyone, though, has a best or two.  That's when you need to stop and feel. Go deeper then skin and selfie smiles. Reach into your heart and soul and treasure what you have. This is me with my relationships, I invest so much more than my smiles. My bests are few and far between but when I find one, I never let go. You have me through thick and thin, unbiased, unconditionally LOVE.  Not distance nor war are concerning, our hearts are connected. So when someone loves me back the same, it's everything to me. 

Thank you to those who know I'm talking about you. You're part of my cherished few and my life will never be without you. Thank you for giving me a friendship of a lifetime, our journey is my world.  I truly love you. 

This week (w7) is all about LOVE, so stay tuned in a couple of days!