Projects (W8) and Puddles!

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

The rain brings a sense of new beginnings or a cleansing of the present, doesn't it.
The air, just after it's rained when the sun comes back out, can be so refreshing. The rain itself though pulls you inward though, you tend to stay in your head and a lot of thinking is done. Rainy days we tend to want to spend cuddled in blankets with many warm cups of tea or coffee and perhaps catch up on some reading or binge the newest show. The rain brings reflection. 

In the literal sense, here you see our Tabblets playing, being silly and having fun.  However, in the figurative sense it's them too. Enjoying the moment, making the best of the situations laid out before them, claiming their own happiness. You see, we are in the first few days of Josh being away. Let me tell you, the first few days are the worst. Routines are off, attitudes are bad, roller coaster of emotions and a struggle to find a mend. On this day,  they asked if we could "do something different" so that they didn't have to just hang out and wait for daddy to not come home. Something fun to help them not miss him so much. 
::grasps at heart strings:: 
In this reflection, my heart sings, for they are resilient and joyful little souls. 

{8} of 52: Reflection


Speaking about the rain and all it's new beginnings and cleansing properties, can we all agree that gelato (or any ice cream for that matter) is the healer of all healers?
The fixer of all moods.
The change of heart. 
The peacemaker. 
The enjoyment deliverer. 

As far back as I can remember, ice cream has always been the ultimate healer. Smashed fingers? Ice cream. Broken heart? Ice cream. A case of the Monday's? Ice Cream. An outstanding fabulous day? Celebrate with Ice Cream!  Obviously everything in moderation but there will always be room for ice cream. 

And of course I have to share that with my babies. :)

{8} of 52 refections: 

Pictured above: Panna Cotta Caramello. Cream gelato with salted caramel.
Absolutely fabulous gelato.

Now in other news...

Italy's winter tends to be 1% snow, 19% sun and 320% rain. 


We do our best to combat the cabin fever and get out when we can. The bright side of rain? 


We don't have rain boots or rain jackets. Our ONE umbrella still has the protective sleeve on it. Never has the phrase "but my hair is going to get wet!!!" been said in our house. It's just water you know? Now I'm not saying we embrace the rain but we do tend to not have an opinion on the matter. Non of us are sweet enough to melt anyway. Those puddles though. They are SO fun to play in. 

Love ya'll! :)