Carnevale 2018, Venice

We headed down to Venice today to join the Carnevale celebrations. Carnevale lasts end of January to mid February. Josh and the kids didn't make the festivities last year, like I did, so of course we had to this year. 
It was the most beautiful February day!
Unfortunately, I didn't get as many shots of the costumes and people this year, (so happy I was able to get a bunch from last year) but due to the fabulous weather I was able to get in all my Venice images. How in the world I haven't been in Venice, with my camera; on a gorgeous day, in the last 3 years, boggles my mind, so today was extra special. 
From canals, bridges and boats; Costumes, masks and confetti parties; more canals and bridges. 
No other words are needed. 

My heart is full. <3