Week 5 of #tabbfamweekly2018

If you saw my last post you read that Carnevale is in full effect here in Italy. Last week Imogen's scuola had their "feste di Carnevale" to celebrate. All the kids were in full costumes and they even had a clown come to entertain. So much fun!

In true Imogen nature, she was set in stone about what she wanted to wear. The girl is to pigs as her sister is to cats. Did you know that when she grows up she is getting a pink fluffy pig and will name it Pancake? It's going to sleep with her and she will feed it slop! 

{5} of 52: Tickle (as in tickled pink) 

At drop off, wearing her pig onesie! OINK! 


{5} of Weekly Me:
{5} of Bekah who?: 
{5} of what am I doing!
I'm a wanderer, a vagabond, a nomad.
(This side of my weekly images project is still a work in progress. I have this idea of what I want it to be but it hasn't yet fully formed. It is close though!) 

Ever since I was a wee little lady, I've never lived in one place for very long. Many would find that to be rough or annoying, for me though, it fed my want for adventure. I remember each time we relocated I was excited and could only think of what the neighborhood was like, what kind of house we'd live in, how I could change my room, what halls I would walk in the new school, ect. It carried with me once I was out on my own too. I was constantly thinking about a new place to live, what new restaurants would be in my neighborhood and where I could explore on those nights I needed to "just drive." Josh joining the military was a blessing to this trait. A guaranteed move every 2-3 years to a place I've never lived before?!
(I lived in Colorado my whole life until I was 25, so not that hard to take me somewhere new)  
My inner nomad jumped for joy! 
So here I am, embracing new countries, new cultures, new environments and seeing, living and experiencing all the adventures I could ever desire. Never would I have guessed that my wandering would bring me this far. 

'Til next week! Ciao!