Extra Special

You know I have yet to have a child develop "Photographer's child syndrome", as I say while knocking on wood. They each really enjoy being in front of my camera posing or living or smiling or frowning. So when I have a particular image in mind it's mostly a blessing. However many times it ends up just like your visit to Target. You enter with one thing in mind and you leave with a cartful. 

My one image: a genuine smile. 
End result: 

I actually heard the words "Don't stop, Mom, look how fabulous I can be! Make sure to take a picture so you won't forget" 
::I die::
This boy. He kills me. 
Just like his father in every. single. way. 
(Yes Josh has told me to take a picture of how fabulous he is!) 
Stunner shades. Beanie. StarWars pajamas and the ridiculous shoes I can't make myself make him get rid of. 
The boy is quite fabulous, if I don't say so myself, indeed.