Week 9: a fabulous week of plague

WHEW! I survived. We all survived. It was a very very long week for us Tabbs over here. That's the thing about virus' they go from host to host with no mercy. Teagan fell first, then Killian and the Imogen... and on. Just when one was on the mend, the next would start the process all over again. I was the last player in its game, unfortunately, and the kids then had to be super helpers as I was down for the count! GAH! Longest 96 hours, ever. 

While we were stuck indoors we were getting snow outside and we missed it! I was so bummed but then today the sun came out and it seemed even brighter and more beautiful outside then it normally is. I think because not only of the storms we had before but also because we had our own storm within our house. The photographer in me rejoiced. 

{9} of 52: Smile
For we smiled so fully when we felt the sun after a week of storms.  

Okay folks. This is real life.  You know about my long week... this is my recovery. You need a break from the sickness and then you need a break from the recovery. This is us, rather, me.  Laying on the floor, in my husband's sweatshirt because I REALLY miss him. I'm taking a break amongst LOADS of laundry (You don't see the additional piles that go into that room to the side) that lead up to dirty floors, stuff thrown everywhere and finally to a kitchen that is atrocious. We did nothing but merely survive the last 5 days and that's okay. It's also okay to lay on the cool floor for a few minutes to breath between sorting vomit soaked pj's, scraping half ate meals off of plates and scrubbing those virus infested toilets because being a mom comes with that territory. Because it's about taking care of yourself too. Over everything I'm happy to have had the ability to take care of us and that, being a mother,  I wouldn't change that for all the world. 

{9} of 52 reflections: 

Hoping for a better week. XXOO