L'Ultima Vacanze in Europa! Croatia baby!

Last weekend we piled up into Ruby (our big ol babe of a SUV) and drove the mere 4 hours to Medulin, Croatia. It's just south of Pula, in the state of Istria. It was our last hurrah here in Italy before we board the plane in 3 weeks. We were all super excited to get to the beach for the first time this year. 

Let me tell you, it was GLORIOUS! If you ever get the chance to go to Croatia, DO IT! No 2nd thoughts! 
Friday night we ate the best seafood we ever had and walked the beach at sunset. Saturday we spent the majority of the day at sea. We sailed to the southern most point of Istria, rounded the lighthouse there and then stopped briefly to swim in caves and cliff dive. We only anchored for 20 mins so Josh was able to check off "cliff diving" while the kids and I cheered him on from the boat, after that we spent a few hours at Ceja Island before heading back to mainland. 
Once back to our "villa on the beach" (think trailer house in campground) the kids and I went down to the beach for pictures while my fabulous husband made us dinner and brought it down to us for dinner on the beach! Yes... he's incredible. We all played until it was dark and then headed into town for a after dinner snack and a tattoo for both Josh and I (haha. Had to!) 
Sunday morning we packed up and headed out. I kept seeing these dark red poppy fields so Josh dropped me off on the side of the highway (no stopping no standing!) and I scaled the guardrail, slid down the embankment, was warned by a rattlesnake and only got a few images. BUT SO WORTH IT!  They were so much darker than those here in Italy, I had to get a picture. I loved the little white flowers mixed in with them.
With it being Mother's day, we took a different route back and spent the day in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was a great day exploring the city and I left my camera behind to enjoy my family. 

We will miss the way of life in Europe and we hope to return, but until then we will treasure these memories.