Part Deux: Let's catch up!

Do you ever stop and smell the flowers? 

You see I'm not much of a flower loving girl. You won't find a vase of fresh flowers from the market every week positioned so elegantly about my house. My husband knows not to bring flowers home, I'm much happier spoiled with ice cream and iTunes, hehe. 
That being said, flower fields, I LURVE them. Rows and rows of bright colored gorgeous free living flowers! I finally got the kids to explore a field of Rapeseed. They aren't as prominent here as they are in Germany but there are still a lot that bloom here. It's part of the reason I fell so in love with Bavaria. The yellow blankets across the lush green! I was happy to see that Italy has them as well. 
Here's a bit from our adventure:



I was super bummed that the poppy fields didn't bloom as strongly last year as they did in 2016. (I had a spectacular sister session with the girls that year in their sun hats) 
So when I saw them coming in this year I got super excited. They don't last long once bloomed, 10 days or so, and since we've been so busy lately I kept finding myself running out of daylight each day. So we made an impromptu stop one late afternoon and just snapped a few. It wasn't the fantastic field like we got 2 years ago but I'm glad I got them and look forward to getting them added to the collection. 
(side note: seems someone has just recently spotted a huge field that's very dense so we might just go back out if I find the time!) 
But if not, I have these beauties: 

Smell ya later!