What's been going on: Project 52!

The last 6 weeks have been a whirlwind! 
Preschool graduations, lots of "see you laters", hotels-hotels-hotels, cross atlantic flights, whew. It makes me tired just remembering all of it. 
I did get a memory every week though :)

{19} of 52: Proud

Our little Italian. Just look at that rotten face. This was the day she got her diploma. All the 5 year olds celebrated their promotion to elementary school. Now of course her classmates will proceed into Prima (Italian first grade) as there is no kindergarten in Italy, but Imogen will be headed to the elementary this year too. You can just see how proud she is and we are so very proud of her.


{20} of 52: Laughter

Water balloon fight + water hose + friendship = Laughter
Music to my soul. 


{21} of 52: Perspective

We so quickly forget what it's like to be a child. When days were spent playing tag, Hide and seek and pretending to be cats who ran away from home. The days when we felt so big when we ordered for ourselves and even better when we could finally reach the top of the counter. Their eyes see everything so much bigger than us adults do. They know no harm, they breathe innocence. 
Having to live in a different place for a long amount of time also changes your perspective. We live life so much simpler than we once did when we lived in America. I remember when I took this picture a few weeks ago, all I wanted to do was live that moment for just a few minutes longer. I wanted to hold onto the perspective I had. It was on the brink of one of the biggest moves we'll ever have and I didn't want my mind to see anything else than what it had at that moment. To have a child's perspective of life and not see any of the bad, fast, demanding needs of the move and what it had in store for us. So much anxiety, fear and anticipation. I held on to just being completely enthralled that I ordered my own gelato treat and could get it from the counter myself. 


{22} of 52: Negative Space

This was the week we had absolutely nothing but our lovies by our side. The movers had made the last pickup of what was left in our home. (a super small shipment that gets flown rather than the big one that goes by boat) There was so much open space in our little world it seemed daunting. Thank goodness for the lovies we kept by our sides, it made all that negative space seem just a little smaller :)  


{23} of 52: Adventure

... and they're off! Taking their next adventure by the horns and riding like pros. Lots of emotions flowing and anticipations ever growing. These 4 have never backed down from a great adventure laid before them. 


Most of you have followed us on FB and have seen many of the things we have experienced this past week. We have officially survived our first week being back in America. We have experienced many firsts and a few not agains! haha. I have lots of those great moments in camera and they are coming soon. We move into our new "home" next week and there I will be able to get back to regular postings. Until then don't forget about #TabbletsDiscoverAmerica
Talk to you soon!