Tabblet's first Build-A-Bear: Yes a 10 hour wait!

What do you get when you cross first experiences, an adventurous spirit and a REALLY good deal? 

A 13 hour day of which 10 hours were spent waiting in line for what may seem like a silly experience, but to us it was grand! 

When I saw that Build-A-Bear (further known as BAB) was having a "Pay your Age" event, I decided we had to do it. You see BAB is SPENDY! You gotta save allowance for like a year in order to be completely happy with your new bear. Having children multiplies that year of savings greatly. LOL
So what's spending a couple hours in line when I can save a large amount of money AND pair it with a #TabbletsDiscoverAmerica event? HAHAHA... the universe laughed. 
What ended up being quoted as a 4 hour wait from the mall entrance doors ended up being a 10 hour, eat your way through the mall while standing in line, make up silly stories, listen to all the tiny children screaming because they were done but their parents weren't, people watching extravaganza! 
The Tabblet's got to try many firsts! Like Auntie Annie's pretzels, which to their surprise were much better than they were expecting as they were bummed they weren't the Bavarian pretzels they were hoping for.
They tried Icee brand icees; to be noted not as good as the shopettes Yetis.
Rocky Mountain Cookies were a hit, we doubled up on them! 
Also note, that Chick-fil-a is still really good when you eat it after standing in line for 8 hours. 
Also x 2, since when are there Chick-fil-a's in malls? I was most appreciative! 
The rest of the time we played hand games, colored in some books a friend brought and well,  basically, just hung out.
Within the first couple hours questions started to arise...
"Why is everyone wanting to go to this store for a bear?"
"What's the point?"
"Why are we doing it?" 
"This is kind of stupid, Mom" 
I tried my hardest to not give it all away before we got to the doors but by hour 4 I had to give them the readers digest version. From that hour on they were way more interested and excited and it made waiting easier but so much harder due to the newly found anticipation.  
Of course the couple of hours seemed the longest but that's how it works in high anticipation situations. It's also the only time that we had tears. By this time, the store has been "closed" to the public for 7 hours AND there were still 150 families in front of us with only 2 hours left before the mall closed. For a little bit we had worried tears that we wouldn't make it. Those moved into "I don't see the bear I wanted anymore" tears which then turned into "I'm so excited we are going to make it" tears. 

In the end, my wallet was very happy with the savings but more importantly my kids had an experience they'll never forget. #TabbletsDiscoverAmerica got some very good results. A lot of families got mad at the company and we saw a ton of families fighting and overwhelmed moms screaming which was pretty sad but I'm glad we took the whole day as we do a PCS move, " It is what you make it" and we had fun and enjoyed the entirety of the day. 

Here's a snapshot of their experience!